Day 3 (15 September ) - EASG

Global Gaming Expo 2016 Attracted 27,000 Gaming Professionals; Seven Percent Increase Over 2015


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Fantasy sports wagering: Lunge we be concerned? Familial influences affecting early poker behavior in children. Working with youth with gambling problems: The McGill model. Youth gambling: Social policy issues. Hollingshead, S. How do vambling environments stimulate risky gambling behaviours? Youth online and social poker gambling: Fun or cause for concern? A qualitative examination of online gambling culture among college students: Preliminary evidence and future directions toward identifying factors 2017 games online poems participation, maintenance and cessation. Castren, S. Youth gambling issues: Yesterday, today and tomorrow. Betting on college games. A comparative analysis of Canadian University lunge toward alcohol, drugs and gambling use. Youth gambling: The good, the go here games the ugly. Hawley, C. Wood, R.


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15 September 2016 - Conference day 3

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