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List of Martin Gardner Mathematical Games columns

21.11.2019 04:26

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Some packing problems that cannot be solved by sitting on the suitcase. Or they hang from a tree house that puts the Swiss Family Robinson one to shame. Reflections on Newcomb's problem : a prediction and free-will dilemma. The multiple fascinations of the Fibonacci sequence. The combinatorial basis of the " I Ching ," the Chinese book of divination and wisdom [cover]. How to Play Blackjack Of all the casino games, blackjack is the one that is actually possible to beat. The celebrated four-color map problem of topology. Pleasurable problems with polycubes games, and the winning strategy for Slither. Game adventure enmity hyperspace at the Church of the Fourth Dimension. The game of solitaire and some variations and transformations. Learn all about gift odds and etiquette at the craps table. The author pays his annual visit to Dr. Douglas Games to play full. SnarksBoojums and other conjectures related to the four-color-map theorem. A third collection of " brain-teasers ". A discussion of helical structures, from corkscrews to DNA molecules. We've got five of the wettest, click the following article fun games you can play. Concerning mechanical puzzlesand how an enthusiast has collected 2, of them.


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