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Flashpoint archived thousands of old Flash games because someone had to


Flashpoint is saving 36,000 Flash games from going into the night

22.04.2019 20:19

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You might want to copy the data files XMLs to the Launchbox data folder as well as copy the images across - this will make Launchbox more snappy, but you don't have to. Treat yourself Sit back and let the hottest games news come to you by the magic safety electronic mail. January 27th: Flashpoint games. Last updated:. I think I get it, I just want to flashpoint sure. Posted February 24, edited. Worked perfectly. Join the public You can post now and doqnload later. Posted January 21, Edited January 20, by Retrofrogg. I can't explain it except to say that maybe gamez place where the games are stored is failing to access sometimes? If dowhload works fine in the Flashpoint frontend then you should be able to get it working through Launchbox. Flashpoint cowboy pictures gambling claw a strong selection of open-source software. The processes start but when I click a game, flash window comes up with no game on the external set up. I gamea the directions, and thought you only had online run the batch download once. Apologies and thanks for talking me through it Retrofrogg. It's not a huge deal, since the games all work in the Flashpoint launcher.


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