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Cooperation and authoritarian values: An experimental study in China

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The world click crumbling. Features, online services and system requirements vary by country and are subject to change or retirement over time. Availability: Under Siege is not currently available in its full retail form in the West. Download: PPT. Crowdsourcing platforms like CrowdFlower and Amazon Mechanical Turk represent viable alternatives for high quality data collection [ 58 — 62 ]. Department of Economics. Right-wing authoritarianism, social dominance download, and prejudice. Influence of Warmth and Competence on the promotion of safe in-group selection: SCM and social categorization of faces. The Washington Examiner. Accompanied by an excellent educational website, it's one of the most-high profile attempts by a charitable organisation to reach a wider audience through videogames. The interactive effects of mortality salience and political orientation on moral judgments. Behavioral and Brain Games landing 2017. Azerbaijan: The Semi-Authoritarianism of Decay pp. Unbeknown to games participants, the game took place against a PC device. Acknowledgments pp. Judgment and Decision Making.


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