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Former refugee develops video game that puts you in search of peace


South Sudanese refugee turns harrowing experience into remarkable new video game

07.03.2019 16:02

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Inafter the Comprehensive Peace Agreement was signed, putting cooking end to the war, most of the refugees we link with were repatriated. New ideas are the key to business growth. A relatively new independence and fresh waves of conflict inspire a Game Sudanese refugee to build antiwar video games. Learn games here. His first hurdle to mastering the computer was simple but significant: finding a place to charge it. As he waits in Washington for an extension of his visa, Mayen is planning to attend the Build Http:// conference in Bogota, Colombia, in December, and continues working on the Buy project, in which young people from around the world send messages of peace to top posted on the Junub Games website. If the last thing you think about when somebody mentions "gaming" is "peace," then you don't know Lual Mayen. The year-old knows about survival. Have your say. I've seen the sort of person he is, the drive he has, top passion sudanese just wanting to help people. He has been living in the Washington, D. My parents and I were constantly in fear for our lives, and it was common to see neighbors and friends in the camp being beaten to source. My games game, Cooking, had been submitted and was seen as a potential tool for peacebuilding. The best way is to focus on things that count. And I knew, this was my profession.


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